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Thanks for submitting an event ad to P Town Bar, so we can promote it on Facebook, and display it on our TVs in the front and back bar.

Ad Requirements

Ads must be submitted in a 16×9 format, at either 1280×720 resolution(minimum) or 1920×1080 resolution (preferred). PNG format is preferred, but a high quality JPEG file is also acceptable.

If you submit your ad in a non-16×9 format, it will have black bars at the top or bottom of the ad, and we WILL reject the ad.

If you use the P Town or Baum Shelter logos provided below, please make sure they don’t appear squashed horizontally or vertically in your ad. You may resize them, but do so proportionally.

If you want to put any contact information for the bar into the ad, our address is: 4740 Baum Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. Our phone number is: 412-621-0111.

If you write out the bar name in your ad, make sure you write “P Town” or “P Town Bar”. Writing it as “Ptown” will cause the ad to be rejected.

Also, try to make sure the text is readable in your ad from a few feet away. We have five 55″ TVs, three 32″ TVs, and a 40″ TV in the Baum Shelter area.

Need the P Town Bar or Baum Shelter Logo?

Click on the images or download buttons below to download the format you need:


P Town Logo PNG 2400×1355
Baum Shelter Logo PNG 2134×2715


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